Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mini Haul

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend so far? I am sorry for not being up to date with my blog, in as much as I want to blamed the storm that just passed by our country for the lack of post but I can’t say that because I am one of the most privilege people that was safe during the storm. I didn’t have much trouble aside from walking my home to a flooded area, but compare to other people who was stranded on chest deep flooded water for 12 hours my experience is nothing.

Well the lack of nail art is because, got a bad nail break and mismanagement of my time. What I have for you is a mini haul, I was lucky enough to have a good deal with these products on ebay.

Preview for the next blog: I still have several hauls to show you, a nail art haul and nail polish haul again. Well I though it is better to have it on a separate blog instead of one fully loaded pic.

Enjoy viewing and have a good weekend!


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