Monday, September 21, 2009

A Big Thank You For Mary!

Hi everyone!

I am assuming there are other people who are reading my blog! That’s me being an optimist. This entry is dedicated to let everyone know how grateful I am for receiving and winning the contest/giveaway that Mary of Body and Soul sponsored. I joined her contest/giveaway last June, and finally I have it on my hands. Thank you very much Mary!

I was really looking forward receiving this prize; I am excited since the polishes I won are not readily available here. I received more than I was stated on her blog.

Unfortunately when the noticed came through I wasn’t at home, my mom sent a sms that I received a postal notice that there is something for me but can’t pick it up on our local post office. I asked my younger sister to pick it up for me, well unfortunately the local custom people ruined it for me, and they opened the box because they have to inspect it. It’s like receiving a Christmas gift that was not wrapped, but when I re-opened the box I can’t help but be excited, I keep on gushing on every item. I forgot that somebody got hold of it before me.

Thank you Mary for being so generous sponsoring a giveaway!

Below is what I received:

Mary thank you so much!


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