Monday, September 22, 2008

My Blogspot Account

It's been quite a while since I created my blogspot account and since then I have been procrastinating about opening a blog, I wanted to do it for so long but I keep on delaying it. I am sort of inhibited starting because there’s a lot of nail bloggers out there who has more experience than I have, but I just wanted to be part of this world and wanted to have a little nook in this big big world of nail blogging.

A year or two ago I was introduced to digital nail art, I loved having it but the downer are long lines to have it done, and it is extremely expensive. So in my search for an alternative to digital nail art, thinking I can do my own nail art I tried doing free hand nail art which is unsuccessful but then I was introduced to nail stamping and since I laid my hands on it, I was hooked.

I am no expert, I am just enjoying this art.

Well, enough about my blabbing!
Here's my NOTD:


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